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Failure is Success

The Answer to Success

It was in front of me for many, many years. I saw it yet I ignored it.

I kept looking elsewhere for the answer. I chased money. I always chased money. A worthy pursuit, but I was hunting with the wrong weapons.

So what changed? How did I finally come to realize that the Answer to my quest was always right in front of me and I keep looking elsewhere?

I have an old teacher who always said to me, “Don’t look in the mountains for what is right at your feet.”

Though this was one of the most profound things I ever heard, it wasn’t until many years later that I finally caught up to that quote.

Be honest, is it the businesses that fails or the creator of the business who fails? Is it the idea that fails or is it the innovator?

So why does this happen to some and other are wildly and financially successful?

The answer certainly doesn’t lie in having “passion.” There are many people who are passionate about their goal or objective and nothing ever comes of it.

The answer is not in the quick payoff or the shortest route. Those are temporary successes that are hard to replicate. There is always an exception to the rule.

Focus and pursuit are key. If you are competent at something, meaning you have skill in that area, and you work smart, which sometimes means working hard as well (10,000 hour rule), and you know what to do in the face of failure, you can successfully reach your objective.

The Answer is in the “failure.” How you handle will determine your outcome. Many (the majority) give up just before reaching the finish line. The problem is that most don’t know where the finish line is.

Others quit out of fear, overwhelm, or just running out of steam. Those who pursue and continue to their goal have been instilled with the winning gene. They weren’t born with it, it was handed down to them.

Parents, family, siblings, and friends, all instill confidence and determination within them, by continuing to encourage, support, love, and inspire them. And when failure came, they were there to talk them through the pain, hurt, and embarrassment of failure. Acting as mentors and advisors, they stood by while fear was worked through, never mastered, but definitely always managed.

How do you learn these same traits when you did not grow up in such a loving, supportive environment? You create your own. You do this by seeking out the mentors, advisors, and coaches, who live life at a higher level than you and can give you the tools and direction you need to succeed. You can also do this by kicking the doubters to the curb, those so-called friends who only want to rescue you. You having no time for negative advice or persuasion.

More often than not, highly successful people share how many times they failed before they succeeded.

The ANSWER lies within the failure. Embrace it and let it teach you how to master success.



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