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7-Year Cycle

The 7 Year Failure Cycle

Most people don’t realize this, but if you were to take a close look at where you were seven years ago in your personal and business goals, and discover that you are no farther along today then you were back then, you have to wonder what’s keeping you from achieving massive growth?

Creating great success often requires changing your patterns and style of thinking. If we take examples of those who have had major breakthroughs, then we begin to understand the processes that successful people have used to create the outcomes they desire.

Changing your “thinking” process by creating a stronger system and process are key to unlocking business innovation, proof of concept, and bigger growth. Often when people hit a wall they can’t get past, it’s due to fear, overwhelm, finance, self-doubt, or just being stuck. They struggle to seek out external sources for the answer to the next steps in the process. This is where the value of coaching comes into play.

We all hit walls of failure along the way; it’s how we learn. Knowing what to do next is what dictates success over failure. But this is a learned technique and one that can be mastered by anyone willing to invest the time and effort to discover the right ways to think beyond the walls of limitation.

By changing one’s limiting business practices and creating new systems, we begin to see better results in our branding, recognition, customer retention, and profit.



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