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Failure is Success

The Answer to Success

It was in front of me for many, many years. I saw it yet I ignored it. I kept looking elsewhere for the answer. I chased money. I always chased money. A worthy pursuit, but I was hunting with the wrong weapons. So what changed? How did I finally come to realize that the Answer […]

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Eye Opening

The Secret to Transforming Your Business into Wealth

What is the tangible business outcome you want? What metrics will you use to know if your business is growing? How can you be sure you’re on track keeping your advantage in the marketplace? Your Business requires three things in order to show profit, gain a strong position, and become sustainable in a competitive arena: […]

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7-Year Cycle

The 7 Year Failure Cycle

Most people don’t realize this, but if you were to take a close look at where you were seven years ago in your personal and business goals, and discover that you are no farther along today then you were back then, you have to wonder what’s keeping you from achieving massive growth? Creating great success […]

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The Secret to Your Success

Imagine having a Personal Trainer. After talking to you about your goals and objectives, they structure their training programs specifically to your unique needs, based upon your desired objectives, strengths, and weaknesses. In other words, each and every fitness regime is custom designed specifically for you and no one else. In this way, you’re able […]

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