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Craig Copeland is a Business Strategy Coach, Advisor, and Customer Experience Specialist.craigfly

His background comes from having run several successful companies like SciShop, whose primary focus included customer behavior and experience within retail environments, such as Gelsons Markets of California, and Virgin Megastores. Taking an urban anthropological spin on the retail environment, he helps companies to understand why and how customer experience and marketing can impact a business.

He later worked with Eben Pagan, founder of Get Altitude, helping entrepreneurs to grow and streamline their business through marketing strategies and business skills, and to identify niches and market opportunities that have potential for strong revenue generation.

Craig Copeland




As a Business Strategy Coach, he’s consulted and trained at USC’s Lloyd Greif Entrepreneurial School and the Marshall School of Business, and continues to advise innovators and entrepreneurs on the best strategies for taking their concept, service, or innovation to the next level. He also acts as a trainer and advisor for several Venture Capitalists and Angel Investment firms.

His success book Finish What You Start, based upon the insights and experiences of former high-performing employers, continues to be used as a primer by companies and individuals to help their teams and productivity become stronger while growing in their business objectives.

Today he uses his skills, experience, and background to take businesses to a much higher level than they’re currently performing at to radically grow businesses while making the process even faster with noticeable results.

Prior to his work now, Craig worked for over 16 years with some of the top CEOs of major corporations, Entrepreneurs, and Venture Capitalists.

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