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Designing Sustainable Businesses

through Coaching, Consulting, and Customer Experience

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Customer Engagement

A step-by-step system is customized to enhance your platform, by focusing on the core competencies of any business; product, process, and people, in order to make your business stronger.

Providing more than just training and consulting we provide an unbiased, outside perspective of where your growth opportunities are best served within your marketplace.

The heart of every business are its customers. In order to build a sustainable, competitive edge, you need to understand how to capture and cultivate customers who can bring your business growth and expansion opportunities.

Business Strategy Coach

Create a stronger Plan of Action. Build an outstanding Customer Experience platform. Re-energize your business strategy. Become highly competitive and profitable.

Businesses who experience immediate results and return on investment are more likely to improve their strategy, become massively sustainable, highly recognized, and progressively innovative.

ClearPathTM Systems can help you push through any roadblocks and blind spots.


The ClearPathTM system integrates six business-building elements of product, process, people, marketing, sales, and customer experience, and offers a systematic way for businesses to dramatically improve and achieve lasting business excellence.

  • Learn how to attract your perfect client
  • Discover the most magnetic marketing tools for your business
  • Build a steady stream of repeat business
  • Grow your strategy while increasing your profit

Our background comes from:

Urban Retail Anthropology – The interaction and engagement of a store in relation to the surrounding environment and its customers

Marketing – Strategies to strengthen branding, product awareness, and customer attraction

Customer Experience – The entire engagement process for creating a loyal “FAN” customer who becomes a repeat buyer who refers others to the business

Contact us today and let us help you create a business that becomes a recognized as a leader in today’s marketplace.

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